Polymer Clay Dumbledore

Level: Medium

This is for all the Potterheads there. In this post, I’ll tell you guys how Albus Dumbledore can be made, but you can use this technique to make whichever character you like. It’s just a matter of creating the things that character is known for. Dumbledore for instance, is known for his shining white beard and half moon spectacles. So feel free to play with the looks!


Let’s start!

Materials needed-

1. Take a ball of scrap clay and wrap it with some peach clay. This will be the head.


2. Take a larger ball of scrap clay and cover it with green clay.


3.  Taper it from one end.


4.  Add eyes to the face. Also add white balls as highlights.

5. Roll out white coils and stick them on the head as hair.

6. Add more white coils in the mouth region to make a beard.


7. The beard at this stage might look weird. Take two balls of white clay and shape them into a moustache. Add it to the top part of the beard.


8. Take a ball of brown clay and pinch it at one end. Taper it from the other end. This makes a hat. place it on top of the head.

9. If needed, change the beard or hair if needed right now. I went ahead and thickened up Dumbledore’s hair.

10. Take a piece of wire and pliers. Leave some wire at one end and then make a loop.

11. Leave some length of wire and twist it  into another loop of the same size. Bend the ends to resemble the ear pieces.


12. Attach these glasses to the face on top of the eyes.

IMG_3467 (1)

Dumbledore is now complete. Given below is a guide of different features of different characters-

  • Harry- Scar and glasses.
  • Ron- Red hair and freckles.
  • Hermione- Books and brown hair.
  • Luna Lovegood-  Blonde hair and Spectrespecs.
  • Professor Mad Eye- Scars on the face and fake magical eye.
  • Professor Snape- Strict face, distinct nose and long hair.
  • Professor Mcgonagall- Auburn hair tied in a knot.
  • Professor Trelawney- Wide eyes, wide headbands and draped shawls.
  • Dobby- Big ears, Tennis ball- like green eyes, socks in hands and pillowcase as clothes.
  • Voldemort- Flat nose, white face and Nagini (snake) draped on shoulders.


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