Voldemort and the Philosopher’s Stone

  I have wondered how the Harry Potter series would have been if they were narrated from Voldemort's point of view. In lockdown, I finally wrote this piece. This is the first face-off between Harry and Quirrell from the end of the first book. He was here. The mere infant who had escaped the killing... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Flying Keys

Inspired by the flying keys in the first book of the series, I made these keys. Let's jump in! Materials needed: Black permanent marker Old packaging plastic Thread Antique metal keys (found similar ones on etsy) /clay keys Pair of Scissors Hot Glue Gun Flying key wing template Tape Step 1- Start by taping a flying... Continue Reading →

Platform 9 3/4

I made this platform 9 3/4 quarters door, because what is life without some magic? I'll talk you through this whole process as opposed to a step by step guide. Materials needed: Off white bed sheet Acrylic paints in red and brown Sponge Nails Hammer Printout of the 9 3/4 sign Step 1- Nail the... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter wands are incredibly expensive. So I do the next best thing, make them myself! Start with a reference of the wand you want to make. You could make Voldemort's yew wand or even the elder wand. I chose to make the elder wand. I'll attach a reference for your convenience. Materials required: Glue... Continue Reading →

Polymer Clay Dumbledore

Level: Medium This is for all the Potterheads there. In this post, I'll tell you guys how Albus Dumbledore can be made, but you can use this technique to make whichever character you like. It's just a matter of creating the things that character is known for. Dumbledore for instance, is known for his shining... Continue Reading →

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