Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter wands are incredibly expensive. So I do the next best thing, make them myself!

Start with a reference of the wand you want to make. You could make Voldemort’s yew wand or even the elder wand. I chose to make the elder wand. I’ll attach a reference for your convenience.

Materials required:

Step 1: Choose a base. Most people tend to use chopsticks but those are too small. The dimensions of the elder wand are 15 inches. I went out and collected a stick of the appropriate size. If you want to choose the chopstick route, get some from a Chinese restaurant. You can even glue 2 chopsticks together as illustrated.


Step 2- ( If you are using a stick). Sand and shave down the wood till you have a clean and straight stick.

Step 3- Heat the glue gun. Slowly squeeze some of it on the bottom of your stick. Once it has cooled down a bit, mould it with your hands to resemble a mini mountain.

Step 4- Squeeze out blobs of glue onto the stick and shape them into balls. Make them slowly decrease in size.

Step 5- Time to paint. Mix together a dark brown colour and paint the whole wand with it.

Step 6 – Add the white inscription with white and black paint. ( I totally forgot doing this :-/ )

Your wand is now ready! Feel free to avada kedavra anyone you would like to.



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