Book Review: The Three Adventurers at Fungalore

'The Three Adventurers at Fungalore' is an awesome page-turner written by 9-year-old Kavya Kompella. Kavya has let her imagination run wild in the lockdown and produced a great work of art. This book is also illustrated by her. These illustrations are very cute and far better than anything I could ever draw. Moving on to... Continue Reading →

Trying Realistic Sculpting

Why are dragons easier to make than humans? I've made tons of dragons and mythical creatures such as these over the past two years.   But, I have never tried proper realistic sculpting. I wanted to try working in proportions and follow proper sculpting techniques so that the model looks like a real human. I... Continue Reading →

Voldemort and the Philosopher’s Stone

  I have wondered how the Harry Potter series would have been if they were narrated from Voldemort's point of view. In lockdown, I finally wrote this piece. This is the first face-off between Harry and Quirrell from the end of the first book. He was here. The mere infant who had escaped the killing... Continue Reading →

Our World in 2 years

This is an article that I wrote for an exercise in the excellent writing workshop by Amit Varma. If lockdown existed till the July of 2022 (which I hope does not), this is how the world, as per my imagination, would be. Dear Diary, Day 800 in lockdown. Or was it 900? Meh, I've lost... Continue Reading →

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