Book Review: The Three Adventurers at Fungalore

‘The Three Adventurers at Fungalore’ is an awesome page-turner written by 9-year-old Kavya Kompella. Kavya has let her imagination run wild in the lockdown and produced a great work of art.

This book is also illustrated by her. These illustrations are very cute and far better than anything I could ever draw.

Wizard Vixil
An illustration from the book. Wow!

Moving on to the actual book, this book is about a couple of 5th and 6th graders, who go to a boarding school named Fungalore. Fungalore is an unconventional boarding school. It allows the students to keep their pets with them. But, what makes this school unconventional is not the pets, but the fact that it is visited by a pet- snatching witch. Here, the kids embark on an adventure, where they befriend a pixie and battle an evil wizard and a witch.

This book combines magical realism and sci-fi with good old school life. From wizards that speak funny, to islands that grow spikes, each page offers something fresh and exciting. What I liked the best was the whole world that Kavya established, and through her words, managed to make me a part of.

The interesting names of various places, kingdoms and people such as the magical Kingdom of Worgic, Sickdom, and Wizard Vixil, made the whole story even better.

This book is recommended for ages 6 to 12, but both my father (45) and I loved it. Great work Kavya. Keep it up!

You can find links for the book here:

Now if only I could be this productive during lockdown. *sigh*

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