Book Review: A Monster Calls

Written by Patrick Ness, 'A Monster Calls' is one of the most emotionally moving books I have read. This book tells its readers about a boy named Conor. A 13-year-old figuring out loss, hope, and love. His mother has Cancer and everybody knows this. He is bullied by kids, pitied by teachers and bossed around... Continue Reading →

Platform 9 3/4

I made this platform 9 3/4 quarters door, because what is life without some magic? I'll talk you through this whole process as opposed to a step by step guide. Materials needed: Off white bed sheet Acrylic paints in red and brown Sponge Nails Hammer Printout of the 9 3/4 sign Step 1- Nail the... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter wands are incredibly expensive. So I do the next best thing, make them myself! Start with a reference of the wand you want to make. You could make Voldemort's yew wand or even the elder wand. I chose to make the elder wand. I'll attach a reference for your convenience. Materials required: Glue... Continue Reading →

Human Thought

Image credit-¬† This is one of my long forgotten attempts at writing. This is a place where the veil between magic and reality, darkness and brightness, ignorance and epiphanies is thin. A place where all the secret whisperings of the world can be heard. A place where even infinity has its limits. This place is... Continue Reading →

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