Polymer Clay Venom

Level: Intermediate

I would like to start by saying, Stan Lee, we miss you.

With a huge tongue that flares out, Venom is one of Stan Lee’s most incredible creations who is both an anti hero and villain. This is my attempt to make this amazing Symbiote.

Materials needed:

Tip: Start with a reference. I’ll attach one for your convenience.


imd src: https://tr.kisspng.com/png-6qr9z3/

Step 1: Take wire of about 30 cm and make an armature. This is the structure which keeps the body upright. Just make a centre piece and add pieces of additional wire to make the hands and legs. Put this aside for now.



Step 2: Star with the face. Make an oval shape with black clay. Cut off a slice from the bottom half to make the wide open mouth.


Step 3: Outline the mouth with a dark pink coil.


Step 4: Make many tiny white cones as teeth and attach them to the upper jaw.


Step 5: Make a tongue. Make a tapered coil and flatten it. Make an indent running throughout the tongue. Add this to the mouth. Don’t make the tongue as long as I did, because as one of my nerd friends pointed out, The tongue reaches till the shoulders only.



Step 6: Add teeth to the lower jaw as well.


Step 7: Make 2 curved eye shapes. Add these to the head.



Step 8: Start with body. Add lumps of clay to the armature to form the body shape. Do so for the arms and legs only for now.


Step 9: Make the hands and feet. Take a rounded rectangle and make 3 slits. Round these off for the toes/ fingers. Add long nails. Put this on top of the arms and bottom of the legs.

Step 10: Add clay to the body. Add extra clay to the chest region for the pecs. (sorry, I wasn’t able to get any pictures of this step.

Step 11: Attach the head to the top of the body. Venom is now complete!


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