Polymer Clay Garfield

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas

I’d also like to say, Happy New Year! (in advance)

I made this garfield as a gift for my friend as part of christmas celebrations.

pls note: this is more of a process post as opposed to a step by step tutorial. This was made in such a rush, that I did not have the time.

As always, start with a reference.


img courtesy: http://garfield.wikia.com/wiki/Garfield_(character)


Materials Required:



Let’s start! (I wasn’t able to take pictures of the first few steps, so I have created these illustrations)


Step 1- Roll out a ball of orange clay. If you want, you can fill it with scrap clay like in Polymer Clay Dumbledore.



Step 2- Make 2 triangles and add them to the head as ears.



Step 3- Make the eyes and add these to the face.

Step 4- Add a yellow strip of clay shaped like the pattern below beneath the eyes to resemble his snout. Add a pink ball as the nose.

Step 5- Add black coils to the ears and side of the face.

Step 6- Make another orange ball and taper it from one end. This will make the body.


Step 6- Make the hands and legs. Roll out a log of clay. Flatten one end and make 4 slits for the toes/fingers.

Step 7- Add the arms to the body in a folded position as shown.

Step 8- Add the feet to the bottom of the body.
Step 9-  Make a tapered log as the tail and add it to the body.
Step 10- Add black lines to the tail and body.

Step 11- Time for garfield’s favourite food! Pizza! Roll out a beige coloured piece of clay and cut out 1/8 th of a circle from it. Add a red and yellow layer on top of it in a similar manner. Add little green and red balls as toppings.

Step 12- Put garfield and pizza into the oven to bake at 110 degrees celsius for 30 minutes.

Garfield is now ready!

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