Trying Realistic Sculpting

Why are dragons easier to make than humans? I've made tons of dragons and mythical creatures such as these over the past two years.   But, I have never tried proper realistic sculpting. I wanted to try working in proportions and follow proper sculpting techniques so that the model looks like a real human. I... Continue Reading →

Voldemort and the Philosopher’s Stone

  I have wondered how the Harry Potter series would have been if they were narrated from Voldemort's point of view. In lockdown, I finally wrote this piece. This is the first face-off between Harry and Quirrell from the end of the first book. He was here. The mere infant who had escaped the killing... Continue Reading →

Our World in 2 years

This is an article that I wrote for an exercise in the excellent writing workshop by Amit Varma. If lockdown existed till the July of 2022 (which I hope does not), this is how the world, as per my imagination, would be. Dear Diary, Day 800 in lockdown. Or was it 900? Meh, I've lost... Continue Reading →

Covid-19 – How The Pandemic Could Change Education

My article was recently published in the school newspaper. Here is the text version: Our World is going through a rather disconcerting time right now, and while we may be  uneasy about the situation, the experience gained by us could prove to be very valuable for the future. All of us have been at home... Continue Reading →

Polymer Clay Flower Pendant

This past week, I have been experimenting with diy jewellery, using a variety of mediums, such as wire, polymer clay, crochet and beads. This is one of those attempts. This pendant is a great project for beginners, as it does not require exceptional skills or any hard to find materials, just a lot of patience.... Continue Reading →

Diwali: The Preparations Begin

Tomorrow is Diwali, a very famous festival here in India. I wanted to share my experience of this festive season, so that some day I could look back and remember the Diwali of 2019. So, Diwali is celebrated as an anniversary of that no-moon night when Lord Rama returned from 14 years of exile. As... Continue Reading →

An Alternate Ending to the ‘Diary of a Young Girl’

Everyone who has read 'Diary of a Young Girl' by Anne Frank has desperately wished for Anne and other members of the annex to not have died. What would have Anne's last entry been in her diary, had she not died? Here is something I thought of. Hope you like it. 31-May-1945 Dear Kitty, Today... Continue Reading →

Stuff I made in the past

There is a lot of fun stuff that I have made in the past which I never photographed. It includes clay, origami, sewing, knitting, crochet, quilling, needle felting, loom bands, scooby strings and lot more. I thought that it would be fun to share that stuff. I am starting a series where I will be... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Flying Keys

Inspired by the flying keys in the first book of the series, I made these keys. Let's jump in! Materials needed: Black permanent marker Old packaging plastic Thread Antique metal keys (found similar ones on etsy) /clay keys Pair of Scissors Hot Glue Gun Flying key wing template Tape Step 1- Start by taping a flying... Continue Reading →

Concentric Beaded Earrings

I found these beautiful glass millefiori beads and came up with these pair of earrings. If you can manage to, you can even try making similar beads with clay or even substitute them with any other beads altogether! Here are some sources from where you can take inspiration to make great clay beads. TurtleSoupBeads... Continue Reading →

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