Concentric Beaded Earrings

I found these beautiful glass millefiori beads and came up with these pair of earrings. If you can manage to, you can even try making similar beads with clay or even substitute them with any other beads altogether! Here are some sources from where you can take inspiration to make great clay beads. TurtleSoupBeads... Continue Reading →

Beauty and Serenity: Amritsar

This is a follow-up to the first day of my trip to Amritsar. Check out day 1 here! Day 2: On day 2, after having breakfast at the hotel, we decided to go to the Golden Temple. A majority of Amritsar's population is made up of sikhs.  The Golden temple is the Sikhs' place of... Continue Reading →

Polymer Clay Spider-Man

An ode to your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man! Materials Required: Polymer clay in black, white, blue, red and other colours. Cutter Rolling pin wire (I bought mine from a local hardware store) Long nose Pliers Glue Gun (for repairs) Step 1- Make an armature. This time I used a simple technique by cutting two pieces of wire... Continue Reading →

Millefiori Clay Coasters

Recently I tried millefiori clay cane technique. Just to keep it simple, I made coasters. But using some of the techniques shared in earlier posts, you can make jewellery too. Materials needed- Polymer clay in yellow, blue, green, red and other colours. Cutter Glaze (optional) Rolling pin Step 1- Roll out a piece of blue,... Continue Reading →

Polymer Clay Pendant

This week I made this polymer clay pendant. I was inspired by Learn Polymer Clay's scrap clay challenge to put my scrap clay to use too. The technique of this pendant was inspired by a youtube video by StudioSilverCreek. Check out her video here. I'll be honest, this technique works out for me only 70%... Continue Reading →


Dear rude classmate, I have been teased by you for looking like a boy more times than you would like to admit. Note that I use the word teased. I have been mistaken for being a boy, but being teased for being like one is different . As much as I try to not let... Continue Reading →

Polymer Clay Garden Gnome

Well, who doesn't like seeing gnomes peeping through foliage? These days the trend of fairy gardens has grown a lot. These gnomes can be used as part of your upcoming fairy garden. Materials needed- Polymer clay in black, white, blue, purple, skin tone and other colours. Cutter Glaze (optional) Needle Rolling pin Pink Eye shadow... Continue Reading →

Book Review: A Monster Calls

Written by Patrick Ness, 'A Monster Calls' is one of the most emotionally moving books I have read. This book tells its readers about a boy named Conor. A 13-year-old figuring out loss, hope, and love. His mother has Cancer and everybody knows this. He is bullied by kids, pitied by teachers and bossed around... Continue Reading →

Platform 9 3/4

I made this platform 9 3/4 quarters door, because what is life without some magic? I'll talk you through this whole process as opposed to a step by step guide. Materials needed: Off white bed sheet Acrylic paints in red and brown Sponge Nails Hammer Printout of the 9 3/4 sign Step 1- Nail the... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter wands are incredibly expensive. So I do the next best thing, make them myself! Start with a reference of the wand you want to make. You could make Voldemort's yew wand or even the elder wand. I chose to make the elder wand. I'll attach a reference for your convenience. Materials required: Glue... Continue Reading →

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