An Alternate Ending to the ‘Diary of a Young Girl’

Everyone who has read ‘Diary of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank has desperately wished for Anne and other members of the annex to not have died. What would have Anne’s last entry been in her diary, had she not died? Here is something I thought of. Hope you like it.

Dear Kitty,

Today we come out of hiding! Hitler has fallen and Germany has surrendered to the Soviet troops. Most camps have also been liberated. It has been a long journey. I have become a young lady and am a lot mature too. I will never forget these three years. Something that I have longed for the past three years of my life is finally here. I can finally roam free, without that dreadful yellow star taking away my nationality. I feel incredibly happy and grateful. I can enjoy nature, go back to school, socialise and satisfy all my longings.

But the second side of me, the one that often makes me vulnerable, is making me feel a little guilty. I had it so easy. 6 million Jews died because of the Holocaust, but I was chosen to live. Why couldn’t God save the others too? I shall bear this weight for the rest of my life. The memories of the bomb blasts and other atrocities shall haunt me for eternity. Oh, kitty! God has been very kind to us, and I shall never let him down.

As the days passed in the annex, I discovered new sides of myself, one that makes me bearable, and the other purer and deeper side that makes me vulnerable. I have also learned to come to terms with and embrace these sides of myself.

As we prepare to leave the annex, I have this lingering fear inside of me. I have developed a strong character over the last few years. But after leaving, will I become the same, superficial and unaware Anne that I was before coming? Would Peter, the sensitive confidant who brought light into my life return to being that sluggish and obnoxious boy whom I hated? Alas! Kitty, this is something that only time will tell.

I am so grateful to the late Mr. Voskuijl, Mr, Kleiman, Bes, and Miep without whom we could’ve never survived. They took great risks for our safety.

As I was going up to the attic today, my eyes met Peter’s. We shared our last kiss together as annex-ers. We realised that a lot had been left unsaid between us. His diffidence and my vulnerability are not a good combination. But we have promised each other to work on it.

Pim has bought our house back and Mr. Van Daan has also bought his house back. Mr. Dussel has informed his beloved Charlotte that he’s coming home. I got told off for not packing any of my belongings. That is because I want this to be a new start for me.

And finally, I come to you, Kitty. I am going to remember you the most. You have seen the best and worst of me. You have seen sides of me that no one else has. I have poured out my heart and soul to you. No one has ever been as patient as you. I hope to get you published so that lot more people get to know about us. It’s been a wonderful three years kitty. Bye!

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