Stuff I made in the past

There is a lot of fun stuff that I have made in the past which I never photographed. It includes clay, origami, sewing, knitting, crochet, quilling, needle felting, loom bands, scooby strings and lot more. I thought that it would be fun to share that stuff. I am starting a series where I will be sharing old stuff I made from 9 years ago to most recently with some details. This will also help me see how my handiwork progressed. Hope you enjoy!

Years 4-6

I, even as a young tike loved clay. During this time I worked with air dry clay (Crayola Model Magic) and Play doh. The outcomes were always ultra light and had a whimsical feel to them.

This was my first ever decent figurine I ever made. I made this for my parents’ anniversary at the age of 4. It is now broken and what remains are its pieces and a rugged picture. I remember my mom being really pleased with me having made this.


This is a bunch of other random stuff I made. One thing that I now realise is that I seldom make anything without a reference. But back in the day, I suppose I was really good at imagining blue elephants.



I also used play doh. Play doh figurines never lasted. This was my army of angry birds and a Santa. I was very proud of them.


I was (and am still) into other kinds of crafts. I have a very crafty Grandfather with whom I used to spend a lot of time trying new kinds of crafts.

This was my first attempt at paper maché.


I was really into Origami as well. I made gowns for decoration and dinosaurs for my Hot Wheel sets. I made hundreds of Ninja stars and played with my friends. I made those little frogs that would jump, caterpillars, butterflies, flowers and hats. Basically I had created myself a world of paper.  I even started an origami shop at school where I charged 1 re each for an origami ‘toy’. I had a whole items list and all.


From this point of time, I moved onto other crafts as well. 6-8 was mostly sewing and scooby strings. Those coming up soon. Keep updated!







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