Concentric Beaded Earrings

I found these beautiful glass millefiori beads and came up with these pair of earrings. If you can manage to, you can even try making similar beads with clay or even substitute them with any other beads altogether! Here are some sources from where you can take inspiration to make great clay beads.

Materials needed-

Step 1: Cut a piece of wire that measures nearly 15 cm. Make a tiny loop at the end and thread the bead.


Step 2: Wrap the wire around the bead once.


Step 3: Thread 14 glass seed beads on the wire and wrap it around the central bead.


Step 4: Turn the wire at 90 degrees and cut off the wire leaving 1 cm of wire.


Step 5: Make a loop at the end and attach an ear hook.


Do all of this once again.

Your earrings are now complete!



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  1. Your earrings are very beautiful❤️ I also love millefiori beads and as you said you can have wonderful results when using this inspiration for polymer clay! Thank you so much for recommending my blog. I’m truly grateful! Have a beautiful and creative day!


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