Polymer Clay Spider-Man

An ode to your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!

Materials Required:

Step 1- Make an armature. This time I used a simple technique by cutting two pieces of wire to scale by using a printed picture of Spider-Man.


Step 2- Add blue clay to the legs. Widen the calves and thighs while keeping the knee thin.

Step 3- Make two red feet and add them to the bottom of the legs.

Step 4- Add blue clay to the body. Shape it so that the shoulders are wide and the waist is narrow.

Step 5- Roll out a thin sheet of red and cut out tho long rectangles and put them on as illustrated.

Step 6- Make the arms. Add a ball of clay as the shoulders and a log as the arms. Blend these together.

Step 7- Make the hands. You can try different positions. I chose a fist and the signature spider shooter.

Step 8- Roll out a sheet of red clay. Cut out a shape as illustrated and add it to the body.

Step 9- Add a spider on the chest.

IMG_4741Step 10- Make a red ball for the head.


Step 11- Make 2 black eyes. Add these on the face.


Step 12- Make smaller white eyes and add them on top. Add the head to the body.

Step 13- You can use a permanent marker to add lines. I did not like this at all, so erased it with some nail polish remover.


This is the look I went for.


To be or not to be, is your choice.

Spider-Man is now complete!

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