Dear rude classmate,

I have been teased by you for looking like a boy more times than you would like to admit.

Note that I use the word teased. I have been mistaken for being a boy, but being teased for being like one is different .

As much as I try to not let it bother me, sometimes, it does.

Yes, I like short hair. Yes, I prefer jeans over skirts. Yes, I like playing with guys. And yes, I’m a girl.

But I’m not ashamed of that. That is my character. I am proud of it.

It’s not because I’d prefer to be a guy, it’s because I have never really believed in defining girls and boys by outer appearances.

I have always done what was most comfortable and what I liked best.

I don’t need you teasing me about my own character.

Then there are those people who mistake me for being a guy.

If you are one such person, I don’t blame you.

You have grown up with such stereotypes . The defining images of girls and boys are so meticulously imprinted in your mind by our society that whenever you see one not looking or behaving like what he/she is supposed to be, you get confused.

I want the notion of ‘ like a girl ‘ or ‘ like a boy’ to come to an end. Why can’t we act freely and do what we feel like doing , not what the society feels we should we doing?

If we can move towards gender equality, we can certainly break gender stereotypes.

Anyways, back to you classmate.  I hope you are reading this and get some sense before you open your mouth next time….


A “Tomboy”.

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