Polymer Clay Garden Gnome

Well, who doesn’t like seeing gnomes peeping through foliage?

These days the trend of fairy gardens has grown a lot. These gnomes can be used as part of your upcoming fairy garden.

Materials needed-

Step 1; Make a small ball out of skin tone clay for the head.


Step 2: Make 2 black and 1 skin tone ball for the eyes and nose.


Step 3: Add white highlights to the eyes. Add a smile as well.


Step 4: Make a blue cone and pinch it at one end. This will be the hat.


Step 5: Add pink eye shadow below the eyes for rosy cheeks.


Step 6: Add a purple cuboid as a body. I also added a belt.


Step 7: Make 2 hands as illustrated.


Step 8: Make a 2 purple stubs and black ovals. Attach these to the bottom of the body as legs.


Step 9: Bake it in the oven according to your clay’s baking instructions.

The gnome is now ready!


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