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I loved making these…

Earrings made from discarded circuit board

The earring shown is made using an old printed circuit board. I wanted my outfits to reflect my varied interests in art and technology, so I created this earring. The process of making this involved:

  1. Cutting and sanding a small piece of the circuit board. This process was done entirely by hand. The lack of power tools made the process quite difficult.
  2. I created jewelry bails using wire and soldered them to the circuit board and the flower.
  3. Finally, I attached the findings to create the final product.


The image shows a bug made from components harvested from old remotes. The stinger of the bug is a functional LED operated via a blinker circuit using the 555 IC.

Crab made from old electronic components

This crab was made using components harvested from an old router, harddisk, and a phone. The circuitry of the crab is still in progress. The eye LEDs are connected to a nodeMCU board (ESP32S) coded using the Arduino IDE and can be controlled via an app. However, I am still working on reducing the size of the circuitry. I hope to achieve this via the seeed ESP32 board.

The Starry Night Polymer Clay Earrings

This earring made of polymer clay depicts Van Gogh’s painting, The Starry Night. I was tinkering with DallE, and came across an outpainting of this painting. That inspired me to incorporate the painting into my own art.
No paint has been used in the creation of this. A needle has been used to texture the clay to mimic the brush movements used in the original painting.

Polymer Clay Dragon

The picture depicts a dragon sculpture created using polymer clay. I love mythical and imaginary animals, and this dragon was created to express this.

I first created an armature (a supporting structure made with foil and wire) and then sculpted the clay over it. I experimented with a special ‘skinner blende’ technique, to create the gradient for the wings.

The junction of the wings and the body cracked during the baking. I was able to cover these cracks up using the feather-like blue scales present at the junction.

Polymer Clay Slabwork Earrings

The given pair of earrings are made entirely using polymer clay. They depict a flower motif that was inspired by the carvings in Red Fort (a spectacle of Mughal architecture in India).

No paint was used in the creation. The motifs were created by texturing different colors of clay using a needle.

Steampunk Dog Polymer Clay

This picture depicts a dog made in SteamPunk (a style of design that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction via the Oxford dictionary).

A toy of mine broke, leaving me with some pieces of chain and tiny wheels which prompted me to create this. This was my first ever attempt at a semi-realistic sculpture of an animal.

The different metal elements could not be baked with the clay, so I had to carve out indents in the cured clay for the
metal pieces.

Embroidery Squirrel

This is an embroidery piece done in the ‘Bharwa’ style of embroidery (an Indian-style of embroidery that involves stitching the fabric in a way that creates a raised, three-dimensional effect). I was inspired by the embroidery in some of the products in my mother’s business’s furnishing collection and decided to take embroidery up.

Bird Scenery Pendant Polymer Clay

This photo depicts a pendant made out of polymer clay. I was inspired to make it after visiting a local bird sanctuary. The bezel of the pendant is made from some insulated copper wire as I was unable to find ready-made bezels.

The piece is about the size of a coin and was created with a needle and a magnifying glass.

And these too…

Upcycled Electronics

Engineering Projects

Clay Sculptures

Moulding Polymer Clay into my recent obsessions.


Most of the jewelry I’ve made is crafted out of clay and beads. A lot of these designs use materials harvested from old, broken jewelry.

Harry Potter

I had a very major Harry Potter phase.

Fibre Crafts

My recent embroidery and sewing projects.


Dabbled with Procreate on my I-Pad to try to develop some recognisable art skills.

Just for Fun: Stuff I made when I was Little

Here are some of the other crafts I made growing up.

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