Is Light a Wave or a Particle? Breakthrough Junior Challenge Submission

What’s the relation between Clay and Heißenberg’s Uncertainty Principle?

Throughout history, there have raged multiple battles about the nature of light. Christian Huygens was the first to describe light as traveling in waves. Newton, however, believed that light was made up of particles called corpuscles. There was enough evidence to support both of their claims. So who’s right? Spoiler alert; the answer involves a physicist’s cat.

Well, here’s my 1.5 min video submission for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge.

I used modelling clay to create a frame-by-frame stop motion animation to explain whether Light is a particle or wave. The video wasn’t selected for any of the future rounds, and it is definitely choppy at times, but it was a lot of fun to make. 

For those interested in seeing how this claymation was made, consider checking out my post on Making a Claymation.

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